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Achva was established in 1929 during the days of the Mandate and received the name because it was the creation of a group of friends, all new immigrants from Turkey, Greece, and Russia.

The name Achva comes from the Hebrew word unity or brotherhood. They began producing halva made from sesame seed paste and developed quite a reputation amongst the people living in Israel at the time. In the early days and the days preceding statehood, Israel experienced a terrible food shortage.

Halva became a mainstay food item because it contains protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, and carbohydrates. At that time every child received a school lunch that included halva!

Over the years as the State of Israel became established Achva also became an established, much loved Israel brand.

They have a commitment to the highest quality and were one of the first manufacturers to curtail the use of salt in their packages, making their delicious halva just a little more healthy! Today in addition to halva they manufacture raw tahini, organic products, and sweets and cakes for the Israel market.

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