Amos Wineries
Amos Wineries

“Amos Wineries” is located in the Judean Hills, near the famous historic site of the pace of Roman King Herod the Great, the Herodian.

Occupying an area close to an acre stands the winery and adjacent to it is a large and luxurious visitor’s hall. From one side of the visitor’s hall, you can see the barrel room in which lay wooden barrels used for aging the wine, while the other side lends a beautiful view of the surrounding green hills and greenery.

The winery is equipped with the most modern equipment used in European boutique wineries.

The visitor’s hall has a rustic, country look, with a wooden beamed ceiling, stone floor, and a beautiful wooden bar, tables, and chairs.

The combination of old with new, ancient with modern, gives the place its very own special and unique character and atmosphere. The surrounding grounds, garden with fruit trees and green hills, lend the winery a rustic, country atmosphere.

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