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Arik Weiss

Arik Weiss is an Israeli artist held in the highest regard by collectors of modern art. A religious Jew, he lives in the settlement of Kfar Adumim in the Judean Desert.

Arik’s artwork is firmly rooted in his Judaism, and every piece he creates, from installations to prints to functional art, relates to his relationship with God. Every object that he creates speaks to his relationship with God.

Arik is known to say, “God is in the details,” which is true of his body of work. Weiss uses Jewish philosophical ideas such as biblical verses, sayings, customs, and rituals, and he intertwines them with contemporary objects and charges them with new meanings.

Weiss’s works were displayed in various exhibitions in museums and worldwide galleries, some of which are part of the permanent collection of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. In addition to his exhibited and collectible artworks, Arik has turned his eye toward functional art.

His creative background was in commercial design, bringing that ethos to his functional art. He turns simple, every day, and religious items into divinely inspired functional art.

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