Aviv Matzos
Aviv Matzos

Matzot Aviv has a 120-year baking heritage which they combine with up-to-date, sate of the art technology to bake the best-tasting matzah in Israel! During the festival of Passover, Jews refrain from eating any leavened bread products, and for the duration of Passover, eat only matzah.

Speaking with Israeli you will quickly discover that everyone has an opinion about matzah. Some people only eat matzah during the festival of Passover and others eat it all year round. No matter which camp you are part of, if you are Israeli, you have a relationship with Matzot Aviv.

Matzot Aviv makes a variety of matzah products that are kosher for Passover and they also make divine matzah crackers and cookies that are perfect to enjoy all year long.

Matzot Aviv was established in 1887 at the border between Jaffa and one of Israel’s first neighborhoods, Neve-Tzedek. Originally their matzah was made by hand and over the years they improved their production by introducing machinery, in fact, they were the first company in Israel to fully automate matzah production!

The Matzot Aviv team is fully committed to the highest quality of matzah products and invite independent quality control teams to visit the factory to conduct tests that assure that they always deliver premium kosher matzah products.

Today Matzot Aviv is the leader in the production of matzah and other related baked goods. They have their own research and development team who are always looking for unique and wonderful ways to make their delicious products and surprise us all with fun new ways to experience matzah!

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