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Avner Zarbiv

Avner Zarbiv cultivates and grows the most delicious Medjool dates on his farm on Moshav Vered in Jericho.

Avner is both a farmer and an agronomist and shares his knowledge and green thumb by producing seedlings and establishing orchards for area farmers.

Date farming is a significant and important endeavor for the farmers around the Dead Sea area, as their date farms provide a much-needed economic lifeline by creating work for those living in the area. Avner’s business partner, Elkana Harel lives in Avnat in the northern Dead Sea area and helps Avner by marketing his dates so that he can maintain a laser focus on the farm.

The Medjool dates that Avner grows in Jericho are the closest relatives to the dates grown in Jericho during biblical times. The juicy dates are a little taste of heaven.

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