Bat Sheva Judaica
Bat Sheva Judaica

Batsheva Arad established her business in Bat Ayin, a beautiful Jewish settlement in the verdant Judean Hills. Each Batsheva creation is one of a kind and handmade.

She uses both hand stitching and her sewing machine to execute her designs. Each piece uses multiple different threads in various textures to fully express her creative vision, Batsheva expresses her love for Judaism through her exquisitely designed and stitched pieces.

A religious Jewish woman, Batsheva is inspired by the rich heritage of Judaism and creates functional art such as challah covers, and Passover seder matzot covers that adorn tables and homes throughout Israel.

In addition to the beautiful Judaica that she creates for home use, her one of a kind handmade artworks may be found in synagogues all over Israel. She stitches the most exquisite covers for Torah scrolls and curtains for the ark which houses the Torah.

Batsheva has a passion for all things fabric, threads, and color and this is expressed in her designs are expressions of her love for the Holy Land and for the customs of the Jewish people. Her designs feature the seven species of Israel, wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranates, olives, and dates. She carefully and creatively incorporates motifs that represent the story of the Jewish people as told in the bible and of the Holy land of Israel. Batsheva’s artwork is unique, one of a kind, and collectible.

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