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Chagut has a profound appreciation for colors and their interplay. Nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration, offering a rich tapestry of hues found in flowers, animals, and the broader environment. Her creative pursuits center on designing an array of products and home accessories, including items with Judaica themes. Much like nature, the focus is on harmonizing color with functionality.

The goal is to craft products that are both user-friendly and capable of infusing spaces with a sense of vibrancy and delight. Chaguta has an affinity for merging bold, vivid colors, such as those adorning cup coasters for hot beverages. Yet, they also appreciate the tranquility subtle shades can bring, as exemplified in covers designed to blend seamlessly with kitchen and ceramic palettes, like mixer covers.

Their choice of materials includes cotton fabrics and wood, which is transformed into a spectrum of colorful items, including home greetings, mobiles, and pot coasters. Some of these pieces may necessitate a second look to fully appreciate the intricacy of their composition.

Reflecting on the evolution of her business over the years, there has been significant growth and change. Initially, the focus was on designing Judaica products, encompassing covers for Shabbat chawls, Shabbat plates, and Judaica-themed pot coasters and mezuzah houses. As time passed, the creator expanded into the realm of home accessories and kitchen products. This expansion brought forth a diverse range of items, such as mixer covers, table runners, home climate signs, magnets, free-design pot coasters, door signs, and more.

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