David Avisar
David Avisar

Lev Haolam is proud to present a curated collection of artworks from renowned Israeli artist, David Avisar.

David lives in the Jewish settlement of Bat Ayin in the lush hills of Judea where he is surrounded by the beauty of nature which he finds soothing to his soul and an inspiration to his creativity.

David has always been attracted to art and he discovered, as a child, that he found the act of creation to be a refuge and a source of great tranquility. Following his military service, he traveled to Sinai where he fell in love with the vast beauty of the area and was inspired to create. He painted beautiful works that expressed his awe of the desert landscape.

When Israel evacuated from Sinai he found himself gripped with grief and decided to channel his emotion into developing his art. He enrolled and studied at the Ramat Hasharon Midrash Art School and later at the Ein Hod Artists Village in Carmel. It was during this time that David developed and refined his style. Heavily influenced by the painter Marcel Janco, he began a period of energetic creativity, fast sketches with bursts of color and layered textures. His paintings are deceptively simple in appearance as in intentionally plays with naivety and innocence in his artworks.

David had a sojourn in Los Angeles where his artwork with its joyful and pleasant style was well received and he was exhibited in several galleries. While in Los Angeles he had a spiritual awakening which led him to religious observance and a return to his beloved Israel.

Today David makes time to study Torah in addition to painting. His style while consistent has found new subjects. Spiritual subjects now take a central role in his artwork.

David’s work has been acquired by museums and collectors including Bank Hapoalim and Sonol.

When David is not painting you will find him with his family, wife, and children and especially, spoiling his grandchildren at every opportunity.

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