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Pereh means ‘wild’ in Hebrew, and the name perfectly captures the spirit of Pereh Beehive, which harvests Israeli honey produced by bees from local flower nectar.
The story of Pereh Beehive began with Benny Movshoviz, the patriarch of Drimia Honey. Benny established both his family and his beekeeping business in Susya, a Jewish community in the southern Judean hills. Benny raised his sons with respect for the land, and his youngest son, Yishai, followed in his father’s bee-keeping footsteps. Yishai and his wife Tzion have taken over the apiary from Benny and are the guardians of the beehives for the next generation.
Susya today, just as it was thousands of years ago, is a vibrant Jewish settlement nestled in the verdant farmland blooming with grapes, fruit, olives, wildflowers, and more. The beautiful, wild region of the Holy Land is ideal for beekeeping, and the honey bees of the region produce high-quality, deliciously flavorful honey.
Pereh Beehive is committed to honey creations with texture and flavor right from nature. Its honey is produced by bees from local flower nectar and reflects the abundant goodness of the land of Israel. Both Yishai and Tzion are proud to continue their family tradition of beekeeping in the Holy Land.
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