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Einot Kedem

Einot Kedem Farm is located in the Jordan Valley. This beautiful desert area of Israel has been lovingly brought back to life by caring farmers who recognize its potential for cultivation. Among those drawn to this blessed area of Israel were Na’ama and Omer Atidya.

When they arrived, their farm was a desolate, untended patch of land. Over the years, they have spent all their energy tending the land. Their farm now blossoms in the desert with 43 acres of olive trees, 37 acres of dates, 500 mango trees, and 500 head of sheep.

In addition to tending to agriculture, Na’ama and Omer have opened their farm to at-risk children, young people who have yet to find their way within the traditional school system. At Einot Kedem, they are fully involved in farm work, learning to tend to the livestock and cultivating the orchards and trees. They participate in study programs in the afternoon and are cared for and loved by the Atidya family.

The Atidya’s feel much pleasure in being able to play a role in redeeming the land of Israel and supporting the Jewish people. In addition to their agricultural products, they established a small farm business and Nesya Natural Care, which produces 100% natural personal care items that are good for people and the land.

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