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Faran Cosmetics

Itay Keinan established his wonderful boutique brand, Faran Cosmetic in 1999. His boutique factory is located in the Negev Desert in Mitzpeh Ramon.

He and his team are inspired by the majesty of the desert and the unique beauty of the Mitzpeh Ramon Crater. Itay’s vision was to create 100% natural cosmetics inspired by the natural flora of the Israeli desert.

Itay’s decision to live and create wellness products adjacent to such an extraordinary landmark was driven by a commitment to living his life in close connection with the Holy Land. He drew his inspiration from its serenity, unique beauty, and abundance of natural wonder. Just as this crater was created slowly by nature as part of its natural path, so he also creates products that aim to rejuvenate and replenish a sense of deep wellness for each person who uses them.

In his small factory, each product in his line is manufactured by hand according to the most stringent standards. Itay and his team oversee each batch and maintain the highest quality. Each item is based on natural, plant oils, extracts, and earth minerals.

Faran products are certified as conforming to international Ecocert for its organic-natural certification standards. Most products are 100% natural origin, rare in the international cosmetic industry.

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