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Fat Papa

Fat Papa is the creation of Israeli foodie Omar Gil. Omar grew up in a home where the kitchen, family meals, and flavors were the language of love.

Omar loved being in the kitchen from a young age, exposed to delicious flavors and aromas. He loved exploring the variety of tastes from all the cultures that have found a home in Israel!

As a young man, he began working in various Israeli restaurants. He recognized a need for new, creative seasoning blends free of unnecessary additives like GMOs, oils, preservatives, and flour.

Following his passion, he turned his home kitchen into his lab and began creating the spices he wanted to use in his cooking. He prepared blends that relied on pure fresh raw ingredients.

His spices will open up a new world of taste and flavor, allowing you to prepare unique dishes that the whole family will love! He named the company Fat Papa as a wink to parents who want to give their kids tasty food that they will fall in love with!

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