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Golan Heights Distillery

The Golan Heights Distillery, a family-owned and operated distillery, was founded in 2014 when the Zibell family arrived in Israel to live out their dream in Kazrin, situated adjacent to the ancient Talmudic village by the same name, in the Golan Heights.

David Zibell believes that any whiskey tastes better when enjoyed with others, and this was the genesis of his dream to make delicious world-class whisky that would bring people together. A successful realtor, he set about turning his dream into reality. He learned everything there was to know about making good whisky, and before long, he had developed the acumen that he needed to open his distillery.

As fate would have it, when he settled into his new home in Israel, he discovered that the Golan Heights was the perfect location to realize his dream! The Golan Heights Distillery benefits from its unique Israeli location. They can craft their whiskies from grain to bottle using a mix of local and imported grains with local spring and well water.

In addition to whiskey, David and his team began to explore other spirits and have developed unique Israeli rum, gin, and arak.

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