Gonen & Efrat Gonen
Gonen & Efrat Gonen

Gonen and Efrat Halevi, who live in the enchanting northern town of Tsfat, create beautiful art based on Psalms and the words of the Torah. They see their art as a way of blessing the world and sharing the light of God’s creation.

When Gonen became religiously observant as a young adult, he embarked on a years-long study journey to become a sofer stam, a writer of Jewish ritual texts such Torah scrolls and tefillin (phylacteries), and the Book of Esther. These sacred texts are required to be written according to Jewish law when they are used for religious practice.

Gonen’s wife, Efrat, is a talented artist. Over the years, they began to create art together, a combination of Gonen’s exquisite writing and Efrat’s intuitive use of color and imagery. Like their marriage, their art is blessed with harmonious beauty.

Their art is a combination of Hebrew letters, blessings, and accompanying paintings. They use different Biblical sources that offer blessings and weave these sacred words with the drawings.

“Our art is about blessings, and I bless all of Lev Haolam supporters that G-d should send them abundance in all they do, and they should merit the good in everything.”

Gonen Halevi

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