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Hadas Setler

Hadas Sattler lives and creates her beautiful one-of-a-kind ceramics in the Jewish settlement of Ma’aleh Michmas. Ma’aleh Michmas is a vibrant community north of Jerusalem with a stunning view of the beautiful rolling hills of Samaria.

Hadas is the mother of six children, and in addition to her ceramics studio, she runs an after-school program for children who have troubled homes. She loves seeing how the kids develop while working with the clay!

Hadas’ studio is on the second floor of her home, where she can be present for her children when they return from school. In this space filled with her children’s voices, Hadas finds inspiration to make her unique ceramics.

She hopes that the people who buy her ceramics will feel her touch and know that she makes each item with love. While she is working, she is happy to think that her dish will be in someone’s kitchen; a little piece of Israel in their home.

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