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Har Bracha Winery

The Lavi family moved to the Jewish settlement of Har Bracha on Mount Gezerim because they felt strongly that the region was the cradle of the culture of the Jewish people in Israel.

Har Bracha sits high in the hills of Bible Israel. Har Bracha, which means ‘blessing on the mountain,’ is situated on Mount Gerizim in Samaria. From Har Bracha, one can enjoy a panoramic view of Israel from the Mediterranean Sea in the West to Jordan in the east.

Nir Lavi planted his vineyard on the back of the mountain overlooking the Jordan Valley and toward the Gilad Mountains in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the west. The altitude and fresh air provide perfect growing conditions for the grapes, and Nir’s grapes quickly became in high demand from Israeli winemakers. It was then that he decided to establish a winery on the mountain and begin making wine on Mt. Gezerim.

Har Bracha is an estate winery, meaning they produce wine from the grapes they grow in Har Bracha. More than an estate winery it is a family winery! The entire Lavi family is involved in the upkeep of the vineyards, harvesting and making the wine.

In their first year of wine production in 2007, the Lavi family was proud to present 3000 bottles to market. As of 2014, the winery has been producing upwards of 50’000 bottles of their well-loved wines.

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