Jerucham Farm
Jerucham Farm

Kerem Yerucham is located in Yerucham, a small town south of Judea in the Negev Desert. Two families, the Gabbers, established the farm in 2018. They discovered that they both shared the same dream to bring more agriculture to the small desert town.

After much dreaming, planning, and hoping, they managed to purchase 25 acres of land on the outskirts of their hometown, Yerucham. They were thrilled to find land suitable for the olive grove and grape vines. Together the two families tend the land, coaxing growth despite the challenging desert growing conditions – Yerucham receives less than 4 inches of rain annually! 

Kerem Yerucham is more than a farm. The two families have created a space for the community to come together to celebrate life events like bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and weddings. 

They hope to be able to expand their vineyard and olive grove in the coming years. Each tree and vine represent the fulfillment of their dreams to restore the land and make the desert bloom.

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