Jerusalem Tahini
Jerusalem Tahini

Jerusalem Tahini was established in 2004 in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Jerusalem Tahini is a unique boutique brand that uses hand-selected 100% Ethiopian sesame seeds.

Ethiopia is recognized the world over, as the source of the highest quality sesame seeds. Jerusalem Tahini buys on grade A seeds for their authentic Jerusalem recipe. Their sesame is made using an age-old Jerusalem recipe with no preservatives, or extra ingredients to create a beloved Yerushalmi tahini that has a rich and delicious flavor.

Owner, Rabbi David Lankry never intended to run or own a business, rather, his goal was to learn Torah and serve his community in Kohav Yakov in Judea. As the saying goes, “Man plans and God laughs”.

He initially became involved with helping one day a week at the Tahini Jerusalem factory and day by day became more passionately involved in the running of the business. He felt that Jerusalem Tahini was an extension of his love for the most beautiful and unique city in Israel. He felt proud to share a flavor of his city with the world.

He is now the happy father of 5 children, an owning partner of Jerusalem Tahini, and a Rabbi helping his community of Kohav Yakov!

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