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Kassel Candles

Kassel Candles is a boutique candle company with a story as Israeli as our blue skies in summer!

In 1934 Eli Kessel was able to leave Germany and made his way to the British Mandate fourteen years before the modern State of Israel was declared in 1948. When this young immigrant reached Israel, he settled in the Galilee and learned the art of beekeeping. As a hobby, he began making pure beeswax candles. His hobby was the seed for what later became Kassel Candles!

Eli’s grandson Eliad had learned how to make candles from his grandfather. When he was discharged from the army, having completed his three years of military service, he decided to turn his grandfather’s hobby into a family business.

Eliad the Giladi, as his grandfather nicknamed him, stayed true to his roots and established his business in the Galilee in a building that had previously been a goat pen! He put all that he had learned at his grandfather’s side into action in this modest space. He took the candles that he carefully crafted by hand to local markets, and his candles quickly became local favorites. His small business became the most significant and leading manufacturer of decorative, fragrant candles in Israel within five years!

Kassel Candles are easy to identify as each one is made by hand to create a uniquely beautiful candle that will look pretty and lend a lovely fragrance to the air where it is burned.

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