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Kesem Hamidbar

Oksana and Hemi Tzem297ach established the Desert Magic Factory at her home, Moshav, Kadesh Barnea, in 2002. (A moshav is an agricultural settlement)

The business’s name perfectly captures the feeling of this unique settlement located in the Israeli desert close to the Israeli-Egyptian border. The magic lies in the variety of high-quality fruits and vegetables that the Israeli pioneers cultivate amid the seemingly barren desert. You will find everything from cherry tomatoes and strawberries to potatoes and onions! Of course, delicious dates and olives are part of the agricultural bounty!

Oksana and Hemi have been happy to raise their family close to the land, sharing their love for the Holy Land with their children. (They shared a vintage photo of the daughter, snapped more than 20 years ago!)

All their Desert Magic Factory products reflect their family values of eating the freshest produce and abstaining from the use of preservatives and chemicals.

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