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Mandel Granola was founded in 2002 by friends Itzhak Roth and Dodi Specktor. When they were told that starting a business would be too difficult, these two Israelis felt even more committed to their enterprise and set up their factory in the clear fresh air of the Golan Heights.

The two friends share the value that food is essential to life, and it is vital to make it good, healthy, and delicious as possible.

Mandel Granola is known and loved across Israel. Itzhak and Dodi use a family recipe passed down for generations. Mandel Granola uses a traditional method of manufacture in small batches to ensure a homemade taste and the best quality.

In addition to their unique recipe, they only use the best raw materials, high-fiber, whole-grain oats, nuts, almonds, seeds, varied dried fruits, and of course, the most crucial ingredient, lots of love to create their yummy granola.

Mandel Granola is a true family business, with members of both families involved in managing the company’s day-to-day running and receiving ingredients from the Specktor farm. The men and their families are proud of their granola and, more so, proud to be part of developing the Land of Israel.

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