Matnat Hadama
Matnat Hadama

Shlomit Cohen’s boutique organic skincare business grew out of her passion for the abundant variety of healing plants and herbs that surround her home in Bat Ayin. This small Jewish settlement was established adjacent to an ancient Jewish settlement in the same place.

Bat Ayin is nestled in the Judean Hills, and since Biblical times Jewish people have been living there. When Shlomit and her husband settled in Bat Ayin, Shlomit found the natural beauty that surrounded them breathtaking. She immediately began daily excursions to discover the names and benefits of all the plants growing around her home. Many plants were mentioned in the Bible, and she knew that she was in the center of something extraordinary.

Shlomit expanded her learning by enrolling in classes and advanced essential oils and natural remedies courses. Her understanding of the gifts that nature had to offer was the beginning of her organic skincare business.

In addition to creating her unique formulas for skincare and haircare, Shlomit also teaches workshops at her home in Bat Ayin, empowering others to develop their natural skincare.

All of Shlomit’s Gift of Nature products are made with love, cruelty-free, made from natural ingredients, organic, and as good for the land as they are for you.

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