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Meme is a boutique Israel snack company. Without realizing it, the owner, Eran, planted the seeds for the company when he was just a child!

He has happy memories of watching his grandmother in the kitchen. She would pound dates and mix in honey and nuts, and Eran says he knew he was about to receive a delicious snack at that moment!

As an adult, he looked for something like the snacks his beloved grandmother would make and did not find what he was looking for. In true Israeli style, he decided that he should start a company and make the same healthy and delicious snacks that his Meme used to make for him!

He began by spending hours in the kitchen perfecting all the recipes and then began production. He wanted to keep the process close to his grandmother Meme’s so you won’t find preservatives or stabilizers in his snacks even today. He uses the highest quality Israeli ingredients and oversees the small batch production of his hearty snacks.

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