Meshek Achiya
Meshek Achiya

Meshek Achiyah (which means Brother’s Farm) was founded over 20 years ago; it is an agricultural farm that cultivates olive groves and vineyards, runs an olive press, and markets quality olive oil and wine all over Israel.

They lovingly cultivate thousands of olive trees and hundreds of acres of wine-producing vineyards with Jewish labor and the true Zionistic ideals of building the land. Two thousand olive trees are being raised in their olive groves spread out over a vast area of 350 dunams in the Shiloh area. Meshek Achiyah’s olive press has been chosen as one of the 25 best olive presses in the world.

Every season the farm harvests and presses about 1’200 tons of Israeli-grown olives. The secret to their outstanding olive oil is the speed with which the olives are harvested and turned over to be pressed. Meshek Achiya uses the most up-to-date cold-pressing techniques to extract all the oil and produce an exceptionally high-quality olive oil.

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