Meshek Ohayon
Meshek Ohayon

The name Maarava means “westward” in Hebrew and was chosen by Elchanan and Tamar Ochayon because their small farm on Moshav Bnei Netzarim is on Israel’s most western edge, in the Negev Desert!

Elchanan was the son of a farmer and grew in HGush Katif until his family was expelled from their home following the Israeli disengagement from the settlement. Despite the trauma, he like many of the other displaced families looking for a new place to put down roots where they could be of service to Israel.

Initially, he and his wife were working as teachers but when a plot of land with olive trees became available he decided that he needed to respond to the calling he felt to cultivate the land! Farming came naturally to him and it is here that h produces his high-quality Maarava Extra Virgin Olive oil.

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