Michal's Natural Cosmetics
Michal's Natural Cosmetics

Michal and Noam Levy established their business, Michal Natural Soaps, in 2007 in the newly established Jewish community, Kiryat Tivon, in the North of Israel near the beautiful Bet Shearim National Park.

Michal met her husband, a chef by training, while they were exploring the world. Their relationship grew when they realized they shared a dream to develop a farm and live a life closer to nature. They returned home to Israel and began building their dream and their family. After their first child was born, Michal was committed to staying home to raise her and wanted a project that would encourage her creativity.

She had learned soap making when traveling in Ireland and through the Ministry of Agriculture when she studied agronomy. In this way, their family journey began – first making soaps for friends, then selling them until today a boutique business that makes handcrafted soaps and high-quality natural cosmetics and grooming products.

Michal and Noam believe in good products, high-quality natural ingredients harvested with respect for the environment and manufactured humanely, warm, lovingly.

The business has grown sufficiently to establish a professional factory in Ramat Dalton in the Upper Galilee. Today, they produce more products but still make every product in small batches, from the finest raw material, by hand.

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