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Mordechai Benita

Mordechai Benita, born in Kfar Sirkin to Victor and Rachel Benita, both Moroccan immigrants, played a pivotal role in guiding youth movements within immigrant camps. He commenced his military service with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 1986 as part of the Sabar Battalion, during the formative years of the Givati Brigade. Mordechai continued to serve in the IDF as a combat officer and now holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the reserves. Between 2013 and 2018, he assumed the role of a battalion commander and was recognized with awards from the Minister of Defense for his exceptional leadership of the battalion, particularly in 2016.

Following his discharge from active duty in the IDF in 1990, Mordechai pursued further studies at the Rabbi Center Yeshiva, Ma’ale Adumim Yeshiva, and the Meir Institute under the guidance of Rabbi Yehoshua Zuckerman. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Jerusalem College and a master’s degree in law from Reichman University.

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