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Nisha Israeli Gifts

Close friends, Michal Couric and Yael Tal founded Nisha Israeli Gifts in 2013. They wanted a way to share their favorite fun and uniquely Israeli gifts with people who love Israel. They have curated a whimsical collection of hand-crafted gifts for the home and for gift-giving occasions. Both women have made their homes in Judea, Yael is a mother of six lives in Beit Haggai in the Hebron Hills and Michal lives in Alon with her five children.

Following the establishment of Nisha Israeli Gift studio the two friends have worked together every day ever since. They were thrilled to have requests for their giftable products to be exported abroad, however the order came with a request to change the labeling information on the package to reflect a different “made in” origin so that people would not know that it was made in Israel. The friends were shocked and saddened.

Lev Haolam is happy to carry some of their delightful products and we proudly porcelain that they are “Made in Israel.”

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