Noam Chen
Noam Chen

Noam Chen’s photography has the power to transport you into the beautiful vistas that he captures. While he is gifted with a unique eye for beauty, he plans each photograph carefully. He visits the places he plans to photograph and spends time experiencing the location and the light before he presses the shutter.

Noam’s work has been recognized worldwide with images printed in the National Geographic magazine, Sunday Times Travel magazine, The Daily Mail, and the Daily Mirror. In addition to his prestigious resume of magazine features, Noam has been exhibited in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.

As a native-born Israeli, he has a heartfelt way of capturing his beautiful country. Noam’s photos of Israel are so iconic that he has been invited to work with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Noam explains, “My greatest achievement is when people tell me that when looking at my photographs, they feel a spiritual connection to the place.”

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