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Nofar Miryam Ben Barak

Nofar Miriam Miriam Ben Barak established her business in 2017 on the Jewish settlement of Sde Boaz, which means Boaz’s Field, after Boaz in the book of Ruth. It is here, under the hot Israeli sun in the fields of Judea, that Nofar readied herself to embark on a journey with her Prayer Cards.

She was raised in a traditionally Jewish home and, as a practicing religious Jewish woman, has always felt a strong connection to God through prayer. She was known within her circle of friends to be a person whose prayers were powerful, and she always seemed to have the right words at the right time.

Friends and acquaintances would come to her and request custom prayers to mark special occasions, and in this way, her prayer cards were born. At first, she wrote the cards in Hebrew, the scared language, and the language she felt most comfortable communicating. When her cards were translated into English, she found a broad audience of people worldwide who discovered that her special prayers helped them find comfort and connection at the perfect moment.

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