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Oak & Ash

Oak & Ash is a boutique beer brewery not far from Jerusalem in Beit Shemesh. The brewery is owned by young Israeli entrepreneurs (and good friends) Asher Zimble and Leiby Chapler. Asher and Leiby made aliyah (immigrated) to the Holy Land as young men.

Leiby began his Israeli journey as a Lone Soldier. Following his service, he began learning all he could about brewing beer. When he and Asher met, it was beschert (meant to be) as Asher, known as “the heart of the brewery,” had a life-long dream to brew beer.

The two named their brewery Oak & Ash for two reasons. The first is a nod to the fact that in addition to brewing beer, they are also a distillery, and fermenting their beer in previously used oak barrels is a signature of the brewery.

The second reason is that Ash is a contraction of Asher’s name. Oak & Ash has developed a dedicated core of fans in Israel. They are well known for their craft beers and their unique specialty drinks. The friends are driven by a shared motivation to make the world smile! They want everyone to enjoy all the world offers, let troubles pass them by, and make room for joy.

They believe drinking one of their delicious beverages is the perfect way to close the day and bring a smile to everyone’s face!

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