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ONA which means ‘season’ in Hebrew is the passion business of Itzik Even-Ram who founded his business in his home kitchen as a way to make the most out of the divine fruits that grew in his garden.

At first Itzik did not sell his gourmet liquors but rather gave them away as gifts. At the urging of his friends and family, he established ONA and has never looked back. As his business grew he needed to find a bigger place to produce and bottle his liquors, he turned to Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, from whom he was purchasing fruit. The kibbutz was the perfect place to continue his journey.

On the outskirts of Jerusaelm, on a hill overlooking Bethlehem, ONA found its new home. All of the ONA liquors are naturally fermented with sugar rather than commercial yeast. This coupled with the deeply flavorful Israeli fruits that he uses results in the perfect sipping drink, a lovely way to finish a meal or to enjoy with friends in the evening.

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