Or Haolam
Or Haolam

Or Haolam means light of the world in Hebrew and Ora who creates this beautiful ceramic work prays that each piece that she makes will transmit a little special light from the Holy Land to the recipient.

Ora was born and raised in France and made Aliya (immigrated. In Hebrew Aliyah means to go up, a nod to Jewish souls returning to the Land of Israel) in the early 90s. Ora and her husband have had the privilege of raising their children in Israel and are now Saba and Savta (Grandfather and Grandmother) the next generation born in the Holy Land.

Both Ora and her husband live in southern Judea and have been working as tour guides, sharing their love of Israel and in particular Judea and Samaria with visitors from all around the world. When the global Covid-19 pandemic hit and closed borders all around the world, Ora and her husband knew that they needed to find a new way to support themselves and their family.

They had both enjoyed ceramics as a hobby in their free time and realized that quarantine was the perfect time to start a small business at home sharing their ceramics with others. Both she and her husband have been thrilled to share the creative process of designing and making unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind items to present to Lev Haolam supporters.

Or Haolam ceramics are functional art, beautiful to look at but each piece serves its purpose well. As with all handmade items, there are always small differences in glaze and finish from one piece to the next, which is what makes each item one-of-a-kind!

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