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Peanuts were founded 18 years ago by Eli Mizrahi. The company manufactures and markets dozens of products in Israel, ranging from nuts to dried fruits, legumes, and spices.

The company specializes in a variety of peanuts and nuts, both savory and sweet. Along with these, Peanuts also produces a variety of granola blends with unique and nutritious additives.

In recent years, the company introduced an innovative product line of health bars, delivering delicious energy in every bite.

Peanuts take a great deal of care to preserve traditional production processes while incorporating advanced technologies, helping them maintain and improve their unique flavors.

Their production is done in drums made especially for the company and a unique production process, giving their products delicious flavor. Their factory uses quality stoves developed by experts in the nut industry; these ovens have been specially adapted to fit the delicate complexity of the nuts and produce a perfect product. The company also developed an automated line for making energy bars with no human contact rendering the highest quality snack.

Peanuts, nuts, and energy bars are the go-to favorites of Israelis!

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