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Pereg Spices

The story of Pereg (Poppy) Spices began in 1908 in Libya with Omri Pereg’s great grandfather Avraham who was steeped in the trade of roasting, blending, and selling spices. The family immigrated to Israel in 1948. They set their roots in their ancient homeland and re-established their spice business.

The family lives and breathes the secrets of spices, and each generation has passed those secrets and traditions on to the next. Omri Pereg and his brother Guy are the fourth generations of Peregs in the spice business and current stewards of this remarkable family enterprise. Over the years, since 1948, Pereg has become a known and trusted spice company in Israel, and you would be hard-pressed to find an Israeli kitchen without Pereg spices on the shelf!

The company has expanded to include olive oil in its offerings, and Omri has become a respected olive oil expert, presiding as a judge in olive oil competitions! He is the company’s “master blender.” Under his guidance, the company has won several awards for its olive oil!

The success of Pereg Spices is a result of the unrelenting passion of the family and their absolute commitment to quality, authenticity, and their wonderfully unique blends.

Each spice blend results from work by the Berman’s with their team of technologists who custom blend spices and wild herbs that are perfect for home use. Each mix reflects the Berman’s values of innovation, creativity, and quality!

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