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Ron Cohen (Oren Cohen)

Ron Cohen is a preeminent Israeli artist who lives in the northern town of Tsfat, where he established his studio and with his wife raised his eight children.

Ron is a graduate of the prestidgous Jerusalem Bezalel Art Acadamey. Following his training as an artist, Ron embarked on a career as a sofer, a Jewish scribe, writing holy texts. Over time his work as a sofer influenced his art, and he started painting full-time, creating beautiful works of art that combined themes of nature and Israel with text.

Ron’s artistic process is to work in stages, using acrylic and watercolor paints. Each painting begins with a concept that he then builds in layers, from text to image to decorative elements.

Ron’s artwork reflects an Oriental style with particular emphasis on Persian elements. His love of nature and the beauty of the Holy Land finds expression in his artwork. He uses yellow and gold in a dominant way because it is reminiscent of the ever-present Israeli sunshine.

Ron opened a small boutique in the Artist’s Colony in the Old City in Tsfat, not far from his home, where he displays and sells his unique artwork and Judaica. In addition to his paintings and prints, Ron has handmade painted Passover Haggadot (books that tell the story of the Jewish exodus from the land of Egypt that are read every year at the Passover seder.)

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