Shiran Winery
Shiran Winery

Eli Shiran established his winery, Shiran in 2012. He was driven by a passion for creating wines that expressed his experience of the Holy Land.

Eli’s first winery was in the garage in the backyard of their home in Efrat in Judea. Eli spent hours perfecting his wine blends and developing his wine-making skills.

For the first six years, Eli worked from his garage and produced up to 600 bottles of wine each year. When it became apparent that he had outgrown his garage winery, he had an opportunity to move his production to the town of Kiryat Arba, adjacent to the city of Hebron.

With his increased space, Eli has increased his capacity, and Shiran Winery is producing up to 7000 bottles annually.

Eli named the winery and each wine in honor of his father, a musician, and chazan. (A chazan is a Jewish person who has been trained to lead the congregation in songful prayer.)

A signature of Shiran Wineries is Eli’s unique wine blends. He sees the blends as a uniquely Israeli way of making wine. His wine blends are made with grape varieties from around the world, much like Israeli culture! Eli believes this gives his wine and the Holy land a special harmony!

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