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Nicole Yehezkiel fell in love with the remote beauty of the Jewish settlement, Neve Tsuf, while she was in the army. When she completed her service, she returned and established her family and her boutique all-natural cosmetic company, Shoresh Body & Soul. Shoresh means “root’ in Hebrew and the name reflects Nicole’s connection with the land of Israel and the natural botanical plants that she utilizes in her products.

Nicole has studied traditional healing modalities, and as she studied, she became aware of the abundance of healing plants and flowers growing near her home. She began exploring blending local herbs, flowers, and essential oils to create effective and pure natural cosmetics based on plants growing in the Holy Land.

Nicole purposefully and specifically selects each botanical ingredient she uses. She considers the beneficial and healing properties of each component of her creams and lotions. The result is natural, cruelty-free products, small-batch created (which gives greater control over the quality), and healing.

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