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Rami Levy is a well-known Israeli admired for his business acumen and amazing story. Rami is one of several children born to his working-class parents who immigrated to Israel from Kurdistan shortly after the state of Israel was established.

His father was a Jerusalem municipality worker, and his mom was a stay-at-home mom. Rami was not able to complete high school due to severe dyslexia. Even today, Rami has trouble reading. When he left school at 14, he went to work with his grandfather at his small 40 square meter grocery booth at the famous Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda market. (The shuk) He helped his grandfather by stocking fruits and vegetables and pushing a heavy wheelbarrow through the market. 

When Rami completed his military service in 1976, he returned to the market and his grandfather’s store on Hashikma street. Rami learned all he could about the business and his customer’s needs. He made every effort always to price his goods affordably, and soon, word spread through Jerusalem about the small store with the best prices.

Rami has continued to grow his business, and his stores are an Israeli household name. Today his wife, two of his four children, and son-in-law work at the company, maintaining the family touch even as the business grows.

Rami summarizes his business strategy by saying, “My business strategy is to act for the benefit of all of my customers.” For him, the customer always comes first.

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