The Cookies of Racheli
The Cookies of Racheli

Racheli and her husband Uriel Mekhaber established their business in 2007 and have been making the most divine healthy cookies since then.

Their business evolved out of need. Uriel was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 1998 and Racheli began experimenting with ways to cook him delicious food and treats that met the strict guidelines necessary to maintain his health; no sugar, no gluten, no starch.

Over time Racheli created recipes that are at the heart of Racheli’s Cookies. From their humble beginnings, when they used to bake their sweet treats in the kitchen of Uri’s mother in Jerusalem, to their new factory in Efrat, a Jewish settlement in Judea, Racheli’s Cookies have developed a fierce and loyal band of fans.

Racheli firmly believes that the cookies taste better when they are made by hand, as they still are. The ingredients are hand-measured, blended, mixed, and rolled which means that when you enjoy her treats, you feel the extra care and love that goes into each one.

Racheli’s Cookies have become wildly popular in Israel. It is said that even the president’s house orders her cookies!

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