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The Hollȁnder Traditional Distillery

The Hollȁnder Traditional Distillery is based in Jerusalem and specializes in high-quality hand-crafted spirits made from natural local ingredients. The distillery is located on Moshav Beit Meir in the Jerusalem hills about 9 miles from the Holy City.

The distillery has a fascinating heritage. It was initially founded in Europe in 1933 by Isaac Hollander. His wife Rosa was the chief winemaker for the new business. When the second world war darkened the skies of Europe the Hollȁnder family were forced to close their business. When the war ended and the Hollanders were able to return to their home in Nitka, Slovakia, they found that the distillery had been taken over by local farmers.

While most of the family tried to rebuild in Europe, Yossi Hollander came to Israel and fell during the War of Independence, just 9 days after the establishment of the state of Israel. This family sorrow led to the entire family making Aliyah (emigrating) to the young state of Israel.

The family encountered many hardships over the years but never lost their wish to rebuild the family distillery in the Land of Israel. In 2012 they purchased an old refinery and renovated second-hand equipment in order to make their dream of a rebuilt Hollȁnder distillery come true!

A few short years later their dreams were shattered when a malicious intentionally set fire burned their whole settlement. They regrouped and again rebuilt. They reestablished their distillery and once again, using the recipes passed down from one generation to the next, began to distill their unique and wonderful spirits.

They use only the highest quality fruits and vegetables to create the schnapps and liqueurs that have been loved in their family for generations!

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