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The Ptora

The Ptora family boutique farm was established in 1956 by Tova and Shmuel Tamir on Moshav Sde Moshe. When they first established their farm they focused on chicken coops, flowers, fruit trees, and vines. As their farm flourished they continued to expand and in 1976 planted the first olive grove.

The establishment of their first grove of olives was the wink that began a wonderful journey to being recognized as one of Israel’s preeminent olive oil manufacturers. Ptora has been the recipient of several awards for excellence for their olive oil.

Until today the farm is under the care and direction of Noam (Tova and Shmuel’s son) He works side by side with his son, Ado, and together they are carrying out the agricultural traditions established when the farm was established.

In 2006 they established their company Ptora as a way to showcase the fruits and products of their farm and other small family farms like theirs. They are not only following family traditions but also traditions established long ago on their land.

In 2004 an ancient Byzantine wine press (one of only 4 in Israel) was excavated not far from where they had established their first vineyard. The fact that they are continuing wine production in the same place as their ancestors did long ago fills the family with immense pleasure. Today you can visit the remains of the ancient city of Ptora near the Tamir family vineyards.

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