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The Well Delicatessen

The Well Delicatessen

Inbar grew up in Rosh Pinna; he is an autodidact, specialist in making high-quality products, with extensive experience in the food business. In 2001 established “The Well Public-House” which was the mythological pub in the northern country, where he started making special spreads and relished and The Well famous Limoncello.

The guiding principle in Inbar’s work is his daily desire “to add a new taste to life”.

Sigal Eshet-Shafat, a Tel Aviv Interior Designer who moved to Rosh Pinna in 1998, graduated from the Culinary Arts Course at the Holiday Inn Academy. In 2001 established “The Shop around the Corner” where she started making delicacies and jams made from local raw materials. The shop became a pilgrimage place for connoisseurs who were looking for unique flavors of the Galilee that the couple made.

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