Touchwoodesign is a quintessentially Israeli company. They make outstanding 3D wooden puzzles and educational toys from the highest grade premium wood. They are fun to assemble with the whole family and make unique and exciting keepsakes once created.

The owners, Assaf Goldstein, and Ofir Baruochi, are industrial designers, graduates of the Jerusalem Hadassah College. After the business partners became fathers, they realized an excellent opportunity to apply their design knowledge towards creating unique 3D puzzles and educational toys.

The owner’s deep ancestral roots have strongly influenced this small high-tech business in the Holy Land. They have created the most beautiful designs that celebrate Biblical history and the holy city of Jerusalem.

They established their business in 2010 and innovated their production by using computer-aided delivery of their designs to laser cutting machines that can cut the most intricate patterns perfectly. This meticulous attention to detail with each piece of wood being cut with surgical precision allows for easy assembly without the need for glue or nails.

Both Ofir and Assaf are committed to growing their business by following their values. Their products are all recyclable, environmentally friendly, and made with non-toxic and natural raw materials, which are kind to the earth and even more so to the children (and adults) who build the puzzles.

They are actively involved in the community and decided to provide employment opportunities to Israel’s vulnerable, people with special needs, and youth-at-risk. With encouragement from the Touchwoodesign team, young people from Jerusalem are encouraged to join the production process and discover their place in society through art, work, and participation in the team effort.

With each Touchwoodesign that you build, you are partnering with Assaf and Ofir to develop the land of Israel and create opportunities for their employees.

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