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When Vered Ben Sa’adon married her husband Erez, she knew he had a dream, but back then, neither knew how far this dream would take them.

The couple met while still in high school, and Vered married even before her graduation. While still very young, they took all the money they had and invested it to buy a vineyard. They had a dream to settle the Land of Israel and the determination to make their dream a reality.

In 1997 they planted their first five acres of grape vineyards. They waited the four years the Torah requires before they began to harvest their grapes, an act of great faith.

“We lived from hand to mouth during those years,” – Says Vered.  “It wasn’t easy, but Erez was committed and I went along with him.”

When they did begin to harvest, they sold their grapes to a specific winery. This was their business model in their initial years, and they did quite well. Eventually, however, that winery decided they no longer wanted to buy the Ben Sa’adon’s grapes because of the vineyard’s location in the Rechelim Settlement in Samaria.

“We had to rethink what we were doing and we made the jump to become an Estate Winery. Erez had always wanted to create products with the most optimal quality, and we knew this was the only way we could.”

Together the couple studied winemaking, and Tura Estate Winery was born. What it means to be an estate winery is that they grow their own grapes and produce, age, bottle, and sell their own wine, not something most wineries can claim. This allows for a level of quality that can’t be replicated any other way.

Six years ago Tura planted an olive grove and began producing and selling olive oil as well, also of the highest quality. Compared to most top-quality olive oils that have a pH level of no higher than 0.5%, theirs is 0.3 percent!

In blind taste test competitions around the world, Tura wines win numerous awards. Just recently, Vered shares proudly, their wine came in top place at two international competitions.

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