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Yossef Shohat lives with his wife and three children on Moshav Mitzar, located in the southern corner of the Golan on the border of Syria and Jordan. It is here that Joseph established his farm and apiary in 2015.

Yossef spent many years working as an apprentice beekeeper, learning the secrets of beekeeping in the beautiful environment of the Golan Heights.

Yossef’s dream of having his farm came to fruition when the beekeeper he worked with decided to sell his hives. In 2015, Yossef became the guardian of his beehives, and Yossef Honey Farms became a reality! He regards them with respect and is grateful for the honey that they provide. For Yossef, the bees are his partners. He gives them love, guards their hives, and ensures they have access to food, and in turn, they provide him with pure, healthy honey.

The Golan Heights is a beautiful place for the bees because they have access to abundant wildflowers and flowering trees where they find a plentiful supply of pollen. Yossef also works with local farms and moves his hives to their land, which helps pollinate their fruit trees. While it is a big help to his neighbors, it also means that his beehives produce delightfully fragrant, sweet honey.

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Yosef Hive
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