Shauli Offeh
Shauli Offeh

Shauli Levitam is a veteran baker, a pioneer of Israeli boutique baking. His mission is to create healthy, delicious food that can be enjoyed without guilt. Shauli learned the secrets of baking in Italy and France and has translated European baking traditions to suit his Israeli customers. He began his baking career in 1997, and for the past 24 years, he has been perfecting the art of healthy baking. As Shauli says, “I want to bake for others what I bake for my children.”

For Shauli, fantastic taste and health should go hand in hand, and he is committed to baking snacks that fulfill both dictates. According to Shauli, great taste begins with the baker and the intentions with which they cook. He believes that you have to cook with love and keep the recipients of your snacks and treats in mind!

His second commandment of cooking is quality. The best-baked goods begin with the healthiest, freshest ingredients and nothing extra needed. He seeks out healthy organic spelt flour, and all of his snacks are vegan.

After building several bakeries, Shauli has specialized in his favorite – from Italy – Grissini pastries made right here in Israel.

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