Israeli Jewelry and Cosmetics: A Guide

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Israel Cart is a Judaica store with an extensive inventory of premium Israeli products. We carry jewelry, cosmetics, books, Judaica products, food, wines, and more. Our authentic jewelry and cosmetics are handcrafted by experienced Jewish artisans and business pioneers. Here’s a guide to our jewelry and cosmetics:

Where Do I Find Israeli Jewelry and Cosmetics?

From the Israel Cart home page, click on the Jewelry or Cosmetics tabs to see our inventory. We carry thousands of products from businesses that design special items for customers around the world.


Jewelry from Israel Cart comes from experienced jewelers in the Jewish heartland. Our categories include necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets, rings, headdresses, jewelry sets, and brooches. We carry jewelry made from different materials including silver, gold plating, and 24k and 14k gold. You can also order jewelry made from viscose, brass, sterling silver, glass, rhodium and more.

You’ll find collections of items like pomegranate charms and Star of David necklaces for men and women. We also feature jewelry for special holidays, including Rosh Hashanah. You can order necklaces that have small vials filled with Israeli sand and soil. We also carry gold-plated bracelets, land of Israel pendant necklaces, and tree of life drop earrings. We have hamsa necklaces, sterling silver Ahava earrings, earrings made with Eilat Stone, and more. Wear your jewelry to celebrate Jewish culture during special events and occasions and during your daily life.


Israel Cart provides quality cosmetics from local Jewish companies who have years of experience in the industry. We have a large inventory of daily cosmetics including soaps, face creams, ointments, balms, shampoos, body lotions, and essential oils. Our collection also features face masks, deodorants, face serums, foot creams, hair masks, perfumes, tonics, and cleansers.

You can order eye creams, hand creams, shower gels, toothpastes, scrubs, bath salts, and more. Our cosmetics are produced by certified formulators who specialize in skincare, haircare, anti-aging, personal hygiene, and dehydration/dryness. You can find products for skin and wound healing, refreshing, and purifying, and acne treatment.

Our other cosmetic categories include skin brightening, baby care, sun protection, aromatics, and general makeup. You can order products with specific certifications like vegan, organic, 100% natural, paraben free, SLS free, cruelty free, gluten free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic. Our products are tested for safety and made with high-quality, enriching ingredients from Israel.

Why Choose Our Judaica Store?

Israel Cart is a reliable Judaica store you can visit when you need authentic Jewish products. Our jewelry and cosmetics are for daily use and gift-giving, making them perfect for you, your friends, family, and anyone else in your life that celebrates Jewish culture. Below are three reasons why you should consider shopping at our store whenever you need Israeli jewelry and cosmetics:

1. Authentic Products

When you purchase your Judaica products from Israel Cart, you’ll receive authentic Jewish items from local artisans and businesses. We’re based in Israel and source our products from legitimate Israeli businesses with a clean track record. We evaluate product quality to maintain high-value standards for our customers.

2. Extensive Selection

Israel Cart has a wide range of products from different partners and businesses, so you can expect a variety of options to suit your jewelry and cosmetic needs. Within each category and subcategory of products, we provide a selection of colors, materials, and design options. With this variety of selection, you can find the perfect necklace or skin cream for you.

3. Easy Ordering

Ordering Judaica products from Israel Cart is simple. We offer product tracking and a transparent refund and return policy. If you receive incorrect or damaged products, begin the return process, and we can get you the correct, quality goods you ordered.

Israel Cart’s Jewelry and Cosmetics

When looking for an Israeli jewelry or cosmetics store, you need a trustworthy company that can deliver quality products that are sensitive to Jewish culture. Israel Cart focuses on providing Jewish gifts from verifiable sellers, including local families and artisans. You can shop for handcrafted jewelry or buy more refined pieces from larger companies. Our quality cosmetics are tested and approved for safety. Reputable Judaica companies based in Israel are the perfect choice when you want genuine Jewish jewelry and cosmetics.

 Our Judaica store provides a selection of quality products from businesses in Judea, Samaria, and other parts of the country. You can browse Israel Cart and use our search and filter tools to find the best Judaica products for your needs. Israel Cart is an e-commerce shop designed to deliver a range of quality Israeli products to our customers around the world. We are located in Israel and currently ship to the United States.