Our Most Popular Handmade Israeli Products

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Israel Cart is your one-stop shop for all products made in Israel. We source high-quality Israeli products from authentic Jewish businesses, artisans, and farmers. Our products span daily-use items, including food, cosmetics, Judaica, jewelry, books, and recipes. All products are 100% made in Israel and undergo a thorough evaluation to maintain quality consistency. Here’s an overview of our most popular handmade products from Israel:

Soaps & Cosmetics

Israel Cart has a wide variety of handmade soaps and cosmetic products straight from the Jewish heartland. You can order natural handmade pomegranate soap, lavender soap, lavender-scented dead sea mud soap, or organic hemp lavender and patchouli soap. We also have English garden herbal soap, exfoliating cinnamon soap, natural olive oil soap, honey oat body soap, and more. Many of our soaps feature natural ingredients formulated for skincare.

We have many products to choose from if you’re looking for genuine Israeli cosmetics. Israel Cart features face creams, ointments, balms, body lotions, essential oils, face masks, shampoos, and kits. We also have perfumes, deodorants, foot creams, hair masks, scrubs, hand creams, face serums, toothpaste, eye creams, and bath salts. Other cosmetics include shower gels, skin protection, tonics, and cleansers.

Food Products

Israel Cart is an authentic source of delicious Israeli foods and ingredients. We have an extensive inventory of popular Israeli food products, including snacks, cookies, chocolate, tea, spices, salt, and honey. You can also order dates, halva, olive oil, sauces, cooking mixture, salty spreads, granola, tahini, coffee, jams, sweet spreads, olives, and more. You can find vegan, kosher, natural, organic, and sugar-free food on our website, so you will be sure to find something to add to your kitchen.

Our food products cover herbs, spices, desserts, oils, garnishes, jams, fruits, salads, nuts, and more. You can request recipe books to help you prepare authentic Jewish delicacies with ingredients from Israel.

Judaica Products

If you fancy Jewish art, decorations, and traditions, shop from the Judaica category. Israel Card provides several Judaica products, including candles and candlesticks, kiddush cups, kippahs and yarmulkes, menorahs, shofars, mezuzahs, and tambourines. We also have challah boards, tallits, seder plates, dreidels, matzah covers, and more. Our Judaica products are perfect gift sets you can purchase for your family or friends. We also feature unique materials.

Judaica products can be made with wax, metal, fiber, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic, cotton, and glass. Other materials include acrylic, leather, paper cut, silver plating, nickel, bronze, enamel, raw silk, tempered glass, framed prints, gold plating, and more. You can shop from different collections, including pomegranate-themed pieces, wildflower-themed pieces, Sukkot holiday gifts, and Rosh Hashanah gifts. Our Judaica products come in premium colors and constructions.

Israeli Jewelry

Israel is home to many jewelry designers, including artisan businesses specializing in handmade pieces. You can find unique Israeli jewelry, including necklaces, charms, earrings, bracelets, rings, brooches, headdresses, and jewelry sets. Some of our popular jewelry items include an Adam necklace with Israeli sand/soil, sterling silver rings, and tree of life drop earrings. You can also order gold-plated harp necklaces, multicolored star of David necklaces, and Eilat stone earrings.

Our Israeli products are sourced from businesses in Israel. You can find jewelry featuring silver, gold plating, 24k and 14k gold, brass, viscose, glass, rhodium, sterling silver, and cotton. The jewelry pieces can be perfect for gift-giving and holidays like Rosh Hashanah. We have various options for men and women and exciting gifts for children.

Home Products

Our home collection features several products to keep your home beautiful and welcoming. You can find plates, bowls, souvenirs, 3D paintings, toys, kitchenware, table decorations, and wall art. The home collection also offers mugs, home décor, honey dishes, towels, accessories, soap dishes, aprons, jars, jugs, pillowcases, flags, and aprons. Many of our products reflect Jewish traditions, decorations, and materials.

You can order home products made using ceramic, 3D glass, metal, wood, clay, silver, steel, aluminum, bronze, felt, porcelain, and raw silk. Our collection also features items made with gold, plastic, bamboo, cotton, Perspex, framed prints, and more. You can find holiday products and explore different sizes and colors. If you fancy books, we have bible interpretations, holiday books, holy books, prayer books, kids’ books, biographies, cookbooks, and more.

Order Your Israeli Products Today

Finding Israeli products can be effortless if you’re shopping using Israel Cart. We have a large inventory of high-quality products from Israeli businesses, farmers, artisans, and families. Our inventory features regular-use items and unique gifts for specific holidays and seasons. You can shop according to category, including ceramics, cosmetics, food products, books, home collections, jewelry, and Judaica. 

The Israel Cart is an e-commerce shop selling authentic Israeli products. We’re based in Israel and ship products to various countries, including the U.S. We also feature new products and suppliers. You can browse our collection to find genuine Jewish gifts built for durability, convenience, and authenticity.