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The days of hanging yogurt in your fridge are long gone…
This almost feel like cheating, but stirring the pickled lemon paste in greek yogurt gives you that sought after saltiness and tanginess. It’s tart, thick, creamy, and everything you want in your labane!
This is now a staple in our house. Try and explore the perfect ratio that works for you of pickled lemon and yogurt, choose your preferred add-in’s flavors (see below) and make it your own!
4 / 10
cook time:
15 min
Greek yogurt 1 Cup
Pickled Lemon Paste 1 Tbsp
for serving
Za’atar Spice Blend
Israeli Olive oil
Step 1
In a bowl, mix the pickled lemon paste into the greek yogurt. Taste and add more according to your preferred level of tanginess.
Step 2
When ready to serve, sprinkle the za’atar and drizzle with olive oil. ✴️ Our Pickled Lemon Paste is an all-natural product and is therefore subject to slight variations due to the amount of natural pectin in each batch. We recommend that customers who receive Pickled Lemon Paste with a more gel-like texture either blitz their desired amount in a blender or use a knife to gently run through the product on a cutting board until it reaches their desired texture.
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